Sunday Morning Peacock Mantis Shrimp Tank Clean Up Maintenance

Good morning everyone, it Sunday funday as many Facebook friends call it. For me it's just another Sunday morning which I'm thankful for waking up and it's also tank upkeep day for one of my mantis shrimp tanks. Today I'll be performing maintenance on my 55 gallon which is a TruVu Aquariums acrylic tank with built it sump and filtration system. I paid four hundred ($400) for this tank from a great find on Craigslist roughly two years ago. The previous owner, James had a small saltwater Lion Fish but was upgrading to a 500 gallon tank so that's where I stepped in and obtained this awesome tank. A few weeks later I began my search for the most aggressive mantis shrimp I could find and that's when I came across my first Peacock Mantis Shrimp.

When I first bought this awesome creature it was about 2 inches big, it's been roughly 2 years now since I've had him/her and it has grown to an amazing 6 + inches. Believe me it is huge! and super powerful, with the ability to crack any hermit crab, fidler crab or just about anything, this mantis shrimp is a real aquarium hunter. Being that it's too aggressive I've been forced to house it in it's own tank,  since keeping it with other fishes is just a total loss. 
One thing I really like about this awesome crustacean is the fact that it's not a picky eater. I manage to easily feed it a healthy and balanced diet consistent of both frozen and live meaty foods.
    This particular tank housing this shrimp hasn't given me any real issues and it has been pretty stable for years now. Helping with the clean up is a Marineland canister aquarium filter along with huge protein skimmer and UV-Sterilizer which really help keep my water changes to a bare minimum of about once ever month.

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