Aquascaping Another Simple yet Beautiful Aquarium Living

Many aquarium enthusiasts know that maintaining a planted aquarium is probably one of the hardest and most difficult type of aquariums to have. Usually for the experienced enthusiasts, aqua scaping has grown to become a real phenomenon. With many species of plants and many scenarios to mimic it is virtually impossible to find an identical planted aquarium. Aquascaping does come with some challenges, as it might become difficult to find compatible fish species that will flourish in a planted environment. Most common planted aquariums display their aquatic plants as the main attraction and usually house small cichlids and tetra fish due to their small size, keeping in mind that the whole purpose of an aquascaped aquarium is about showing off the beauty of the plants themselves.
Here is an image of one of my favorite aquascapes which is simply amazing and therapeutic to stare at. One can easily lose track of time and forget about all issues thanks to this amazing aquarium therapy. In my opinion every home should have a lanscaped aquarium, but due to the massive cost of having a project like this not many enthusiasts have or are willing to drop several thousand dollars to achieve such wonderful and lovely therapeutic masterpieces.

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